Personal Development: Why U.S. spends $10.4 Billion Per Year?

Personal Development

What is Personal Development?

  • Books;
  • Audiobooks;
  • Infomercials;
  • Motivational speakers;
  • Public seminars;
  • Workshops;
  • Holistic institutes;
  • Personal coaching;
  • Weight loss programs;
  • Apps;
  • Internet courses;
  • Training organizations and more.
  • weight loss/exercise;
  • business/sales skills;
  • business opportunities/investing;
  • improving relationships;
  • and general motivational.

What Good. What’s Not.

What Started Personal Development?

How Best to Cope?



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Madelaine Weiss

Madelaine Weiss

Licensed Psychotherapist, Board Certified Executive, Career, Life Coach. LICSW, MBA, BCC